Message from management

A constantly evolving strategy

In recent years, Transat has refocused its activities on the airline sector. What began as a tour operator is now defined as a Montreal-based airline, offering some sixty destinations in 30 countries, and recognized internationally for the quality of its service. This evolution has also led to an evolution of our responsibility strategy.

Although the economic and operating context is particularly demanding, Transat is determined to strengthen its sustainability approach, to ensure alignment with its business plan and to create shared value for all its stakeholders. As such, in 2023 the Board of Directors adopted a corporate responsibility framework based on three pillars: people, planet and sustainable practices.

People: A Strong Team and Culture

Every year, our team of 5,000 strong brings millions of passengers to their destination. Safety, an essential priority, is reflected through an ongoing commitment to our employees’ well-being and fulfillment. Our sustainability strategy expresses our caring approach to our teams, our customers, our partners, and our communities. In this vein, Transat recently formalized its approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Planet: A Strategy Centred on Decarbonization

Faced with the imperative of tackling climate change, Transat is advocating for a credible approach to decarbonizing aviation and has developed a climate action plan in line with the objective of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. The introduction of new-generation aircraft is enabling us to make progress towards reducing our emissions, but we remain disappointed by the fact that sustainable aviation fuel is not available in Canada. Transat is among the ardent promoters of this low-carbon fuel, which is key to the sustainable future of travel.

Serving Our Communities

Transat seeks to bring happiness to people’s lives, to be an asset to society, and to contribute to the well-being of communities. At the end of an unprecedented crisis in the history of civil aviation, our company is getting back on its feet and renewing its community and philanthropy commitments, particularly in support of humanitarian aid, education, and culture.

At Transat, we believe that discovering the world and meeting new people are at the heart of the human experience. It is with this vision of a world for all that we approach corporate responsibility and strive every day to do better.

To learn more, consult our 2022-2023 Corporate Responsibility Report Will open in a new window..

Annick Guérard
Chief Operating Officer
Transat A.T. Inc.