• Travelife Action Plan 2016-2018

    In 2016, Transat becomes the first North American tour operator to achieve Travelife Partner status.
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    To obtain this status, Transat had to report on its work accomplished with regard to 191 indicators, an exercise that enabled it to develop a new, seven-part action plan whose implementation has lead it to the final step in the certification process in 2018.


Environmental performance in our facilities

Strengthen our environmental management system
  • Green Footprint Report
    Implement Metrio, a software tool for measuring our green footprint and tracking indicators

Reduce our resource consumption
  • Employee awareness
    Conduct an awareness campaign on the actions to be taken (e.g., recycling, energy-saving, etc.)

  • Responsible meetings and events
    Promote green meetings and events using our guide

  • Property management
    Encourage building managers to implement new initiatives to reduce energy and water consumption

Optimize waste recovery and reduction
  • Recycling, re-use and processing
    Strengthen collection programs in offices

    • Recyclables (paper, glass, plastic, etc.)
    • Hazardous waste (batteries and light bulbs)
    • End-of-life electronic equipment

  • Recycling at destination
    Set up a recycling program in the offices of our incoming tour operator in Mexico and the Dominican Republic (subject to locally available services)

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Encourage employees to use sustainable transportation
  • Incentive programs
    Maintain and promote the sustainable transportation programs available to personnel (OPUS fare cards, Green Commute)

Measure our business-travel-related GHG emissions
  • Management system
    Implement a management system to monitor GHG emissions related to our business travel with an eye to reducing them (priority: Canada)

Responsible procurement of goods and services

Implement our responsible procurement policy
  • In-house awareness​
    Provide training to personnel responsible for procurements in the various departments

  • Supplier awareness
    Send the policy to providers and monitor their implementation of it
    Amend our calls for tenders to reflect our responsible procurement policy

More sustainable offering

Encourage our partners to engage in a sustainable development process

  • Awareness of tourism service providers
    Send the Code of Conduct of Sustainable Practices to hoteliers and incoming tour operators and track its implementation (priority: Sun markets)

Highlight hoteliers with sustainable certification in our marketing tools
  • Promoting best practices
    Improve highlighting of certified hotels in brochures and on websites

Improve the sustainability of our excursions
  • Study
    Conduct an analysis of our excursions available along the Riviera Maya in Mexico to enable us to make recommendations, e.g., as to best practices

Customer awareness initiatives

Encourage our customers to travel responsibly
  • Integration with marketing tools
    Integrate the responsible tourism message throughout the customer journey
    Publicize our commitment by producing videos (e.g., hotel certifications)

Co-operation with communities

Maintain our humanitarian actions at destination
  • Partnership
    Promote our partnership with SOS Children’s Villages and contribute to implementation of projects in our destination countries

Employee engagement

Ensure that our employees are aware of, and understand, our approach
  • Training
    Produce online capsules informing employees about corporate responsibility

Raise employee awareness of the child sex tourism issue
  • Tools and training
    Develop a Q&A for our frontline personnel
    Promote the e-learning capsule aimed at all personnel

Promote community engagement by our personnel
  • Leave for Change
    Support four international development missions each year

  • Volunteering program
    Obtain at least 300 participants each year for our volunteering day activities in our various communities

  • In-house fundraising campaign
    Successfully execute each year the Big Hearts Challenge campaign benefiting Centraide/United Way (Canada) and SOS Children’s Villages (international)

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